By Road :- 

                    A special description about the area is that it has beautiful natural spots which are worth watching. There are waterfalls, natural vegetations, pine trees, deodar trees and mountainous ranges. It is a complete tourism circuit. Whether you enter from Ramnagar side from a place, known as Roun Domail located at Dhar Road (bye pass road of NH 1A) or enter from Chenani side of NH 1A, you reach to Dudu Basantgarh from both ends. We wuld suggest that those people who are adventure loving and want to scale the distance in short time can prefer the Ramnagar link as the road is mostly fair weather and once can enjoy the bumpy drive through such roads and it is about 70 kms drive to Basantgarh passing through woods and beautiful hilly terrains and the area which fall in between are Kulwanta (lots of woods and forest ranges), Chatriari (Waterfalls and Hills), Majouri (scenic terrains and green patches), Gandhtop (a peak point with a temple and ground to relax and enjoy distant areas through view points) and Shivgali (as name suggests, lots of woods, dense deodar forests, water flows, and snow bound area with two ancient temples and also dividing point for Basantgarh and Dudu roads). You have to decide at Shivgali whether you have to head towards Basantgarh of Dudu area of the Sub Division as both have unique distinctions and natural beauties embedded in them. Ideally, one should make it to both the areas and complete the circuit when you visit here.
Basantgarh is around 10 kms drive from dividing point at Shivgali. 

Nearest Railway Station :-   Ramnagar station(Udhampur).
Nearest Airport :- Jammu.

Nearest District Headquarter :-   Udhampur.